Meet your OKPAN team! Within OKPAN’s structure, each of us are dedicated to sharing archaeology with everyone and to helping you achieve the same goal. Have a question for a team member? Email her at!

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The Directors

Bonnie Pitblado (Ph.D.), Executive Director of OKPAN

bp-okpan-photoBonnie is the Robert E. and Virginia Bell Endowed Professor of Anthropology at OU.  She has been passionate about public archaeology for more than 20 years, having directed Utah State University’s Museum of Anthropology for a decade; conducted extensive Paleoindian-era field research with community partners in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado; and now founding OKPAN here in Oklahoma.  Bonnie has published several papers about the relationship between archaeologists and members of the public, including a piece advocating for avocational-professional collaborations and one focused on the “how-tos” of collaboration. She also guest-edited and co-wrote two essays for a discussion of the collaboration process.

Allison Douglas (M.A.), Director of Operations and Outreach

FieldPicAllison is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma . She graduated from OU with her B.A. in Anthropology in 2013, then completed her M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Kansas  in 2015. She was a graduate teaching assistant during her time at KU and enjoyed the opportunity to educate students about archaeology and anthropology. With her research, Allison hopes to expand anthropological literacy among Oklahoma K-12 students and teachers. She is excited about what OKPAN can do to expand archaeological education further to the public!

Meghan J. Dudley (M.A.), Director of Education

DSCN3712Meghan is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma. Although she studies Rocky Mountain landscape archaeology, she is fascinated by archaeology in our state and wants to share that fascination and passion with everyone! She has been involved with Project Archaeology and the Oklahoma Anthropological Society, and looks forward to bringing what she has learned to the OKPAN team.

Amy Clark (Ph.D), Director of Research


Amy earned her doctorate at the University of Arizona in 2015. Much of her archaeological experience has been in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa where she studies Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans. Her interests extend to hunter-gatherers, in general, however, and she is excited to be starting up a new project focusing on the earliest occupation of Oklahoma. As OKPAN’s Director of Research, Amy hopes to make research accessible to the public through site visits, public lectures, and hands-on archaeological experience. In addition, she believes that the public (especially descendant communities) should be active participants in crafting the research agenda and determining the direction of archaeological research.


The Interns

Maddie Currie, Education Intern

CkEHvjJUgAQ-Pb244543Maddie Currie is second-year undergraduate Anthropology student at the University of Oklahoma and a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She recently attended OU’s 2016 field school in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where she worked on an early Tewa site. Maddie has loved archaeology and history for her entire life and is especially passionate about connecting Tribes and rural communities to archaeology.

 Sarah Ware, Administrative Assistant

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Mary Brinkley, Oklahoma Archaeology Month Intern

Mary is a senior undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma, where she’s majoring in anthropology with a focus on archaeology and museum studies. Mary completed field school at the venerated Spiro Mounds, Oklahoma, where she was part of a team that excavated to find evidence of potential temporary housing in a previously-unexplored area. Mary has been an intern at both the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and the Oklahoma Archeological Survey. Along with her work with OKPAN, she is also currently undertaking a directed research problem at the Sam Noble in which she is rewriting numerous policies and manuals for the archaeology department.

Savanna Cometa, Oklahoma Archaeology Month Intern

Intern Photo1_SavannaSavanna is a Senior Undergraduate Anthropology student at the University of Oklahoma. Though she is involved with OKPAN as well as the Oklahoma Anthropological Society, her passion lies with Latin and South American countries. After graduation in December 2018, she plans on attending graduate school to pursue her Masters in Biological and Mortuary Archaeology. Through OKPAN, Savanna aspires to create an interest in archaeology throughout the public and get people excited about the past.

Sally Robinson, Oklahoma Archaeology Month Intern

SallySally is a third-year undergraduate student at The University of Oklahoma majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Art History, and plans on studying for her Master’s degree in Archaeology. She completed a fieldwork trip with the OU Art school in 2017, where she collected artifacts along the United States/Mexico border discovering her love of Southwest archaeology. She is planning on attending field school this summer in Florida through OU, and is hoping that OKPAN will give her the opportunity to enthuse others with her love of archaeology!

Emily Wagnon, Oklahoma Archaeology Month Intern

EmilyEmily is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Native American Studies. Emily is transfer student from the University of Hawai’i, and she is interested in museum studies and how Native peoples, museums, and archaeologists can work together. She has field experience working at the Deer Creek site for the University of Oklahoma’s 2017 field school, and she is excited to explore the world of public archaeology!


The Coordinators

alisaAlisa Hines, Online Education Coordinator

Alisa is a communications professional with experience in media relations and skilled in news writing and social media marketing. With over 15 years in communications, her areas of expertise include web, video, and print content development.

Debra Baker, Newsletter Editor

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Paige Ford, Collaboration Forum Facilitator

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