Public Events and Exhibits

OKPAN hosts a variety of events throughout the year, but there are other great organizations doing events too! Whenever we learn of them, we will list them here for you and on our Facebook page.

Current Events

Picher, Oklahoma: Catastrophe, Memory, and Trauma

A new exhibition at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art explores environmental trauma

picher oklahoma

We encourage everyone to visit the Fred Jones Jr. Museum and view this exhibit that explores the events that transpired at Picher, Oklahoma. It is a critical part of our history as a state and it is important that we engage in conversations about what this means for Oklahoma’s future.

Photographer Todd Stewart – who is also is an associate professor of art, technology and culture at the OU School of Visual Art – began this nine year project after an F4 tornado struck the town; a town that already had a rocky history.

His collaborator and colleague for this project, Alison Fields, stated, “Picher’s demise raises the question, when material and physical markers of identity are destroyed, what remains to tell the story of the past?” said Fields. “This exhibit attempts to unravel the deep connections among memory, place and identity in Picher.”

This exhibit will be on display through September 10th.

You can visit the website here for more information.



A second exhibit at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art examines how visual representations of the human body have been used to address themes of movement, fragmentation and mechanization, geometry, and identity.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 5.09.17 PM.png

Co-curated by Sherri Irvin, Presidential Research Professor of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies, and heather ahtone, James T. Bialac Associate Curator of Native American and Non-Western Art, this gallery creates a space for one to critically consider the complex symbolism surrounding the human form.

A gallery talk will he held on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 1-2 p.m. We hope to see you there!

This exhibit will be on display through December 30th.

You can read more about the exhibit here.


Future Events

Check in regularly for upcoming events in Oklahoma!


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