Online Learning

Ever wanted to take a class on archaeology without the hassle of student loans or fighting for a decent parking spot? OKPAN would like to introduce you to online courses that are open to everyone; that you can access anywhere! Two new programs that we encourage you to try are Coursera and edX. Each have classes taught by professors from accredited universities across the world! Scroll down to learn more about them. Be sure to check in regularly as we update the class list as new ones become available.


Coursera has courses available from universities such as Stanford, Duke University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania, among many others. Classes include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. At the completion of the course, each student receives an electronic course certificate. Each course is priced at about $29-$99.


1. Recovering the Humankind’s Past and Saving the Universal Heritage

From the Sapienza University of Rome – founded in 1303 by Pope Bonniface VIII – comes a class that discusses the preservation and protection of cultural heritage as well as modern technologies that provide new methods to present history to the larger public.


” [This course] presents to a large public Archaeology as a historical discipline: through an inter-disciplinary perspective you will follow the evolution and change of archaeology to the moment when natural sciences contributed to make the historical reconstructions scientifically sound”

“You will learn the basic techniques to digitize cultural objects and obtain 3D digital copies of a physical objects such as statues, vases or archaeological sites. We will also discuss how to structure the raw data in order to facilitate and make effective the access to digital contents. In particular, we will present the European Data Model, a framework for collecting, connecting and enriching data on cultural objects provided by a number of museum, archives, sites and libraries in Europe.”

Learn more about this course here.

Enroll now so that you can be ready when class starts August 7th!



As both a nonprofit and an open source organization, edX has partnered with Harvard, Berkeley, the University of Queensland Australia, and many others to provide free online courses from some of the most renown universities and institutions. Classes include lectures, presentations, interactive labs, experiments, and assessments. Mastering a class will provide you with a verified certificate that can be included on a resume. In some cases, you can even earn college credit.


1). Relics in Chinese History – Part 1: Agriculture and Manufacturing

Join Professor Peng Lin of the Tsinghua University in China to discover the roles that manufacturing and agriculture had to play in China’s history by examining artifacts that have been discovered within the last century.


“In this part 1 of a three-part series, this Chinese history course will examine unique cultural relics identified by scholars as important to Chinese civilization. We will focus on agriculture, textiles, architecture, painted pottery, jade articles, bronze ware, shipbuilding and  more. We will ignite your curiosity as we explore how these treasures reveal China’s past, and guide the future of Chinese culture.”

Learn more about this class and how you can enroll here.

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