OAM Poster Archive

Here we have archived the OAM posters from past years for everyone to enjoy.

2014 Poster

The first OAM poster was created by OU graduate students, Holly Andrew, Stephanie Stutts, and Alesha Marcum-Heiman and was intended to highlight the diverse cultural heritage in our state.

OAM 2014 poster

2015 Poster

The second OAM poster, created by Holly Andrew, describes how the first peoples in Oklahoma hunted bison hundreds and thousands of years ago.

OAM 2015 poster

2016 Poster (Double-Sided)

The third OAM poster, created by Holly Andrew, illustrates how archaeology when combined with oral histories and written histories, can enhance our understanding of the past.

OAM 2016 poster side1OAM 2016 poster side2

2017 Poster (Double-Sided)

The fourth OAM poster was created by Shawn Lambert. It represents Oklahoma’s diverse communities of stewards of the past and highlights collaborative efforts between them. This poster is embedded with Augmented Reality.

Front side of Poster Small for PrintBack of poster corrected