What is OKPAN?

 About Us

The Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network is a non-profit organization that serves as your connection to archaeology in the state of Oklahoma. We bridge all of Oklahoma’s communities with an interest in the past while promoting education, understanding, and outreach. At our heart, we aspire to promote a respectful exchange among the many stakeholders of Oklahoma’s past.


What We Do

OKPAN hosts a variety of educational outreach events and initiatives, including Oklahoma Archaeology Month each October and the annual Oklahoma Archaeology Conference. We also offer educational resources, including a “Request and Archaeologist” program for K-12 classrooms as well as our “Archaeological Skills Workshop Series” for anyone wishing to learn more tools-of-the-trade. OKPAN is continuously developing new events and initiatives, so follow us to learn more about archaeology in Oklahoma…or contact us with ideas of your own!


Mission Statement:

“Bridging communities with a passion for the past through public education and outreach, research and teaching partnerships, and professional development opportunities.”


Learn more about your OKPAN team by reading about our staff or contact us here!