Spiro Mounds – Highlighted by the Oklahoma Historical Society

OKPAN strives to connect the public with the great work that various groups and agencies are doing in Oklahoma archaeology. This week, we’re excited to share with you a wonderful web piece about eastern Oklahoma’s Spiro Mounds.

The Spiro Mounds site is right at Oklahoma’s eastern edge, and it was an important ceremonial center for people living in the region from about 700-1500 AD. It is the only archaeological site in Oklahoma that is open to the public.


The Oklahoma Historical Society, who owns the site today, has highlighted the Spiro Mounds in their monthly web series titled Crossroads this April. This publication features a different chapter of Oklahoma’s past with each new edition.

492px-Smoker_effigy_pipe_Spiro_HRoe_01Not only does it showcase the site’s important place in the past, it also shows us the negative effects of site looting. The piece also provides some insight into the processes of archaeological excavation and analysis that have helped us to understand how the people of Spiro lived and why the site was so important to them.

This Crossroads features beautiful pictures, videos, and interviews with archaeologists Dennis Peterson of the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center and Marc Levine of the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

Click here to view this month’s Crossroads. Thanks to the Oklahoma Historical Society for producing such a wonderful and informative piece on Oklahoma archaeology!

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