Welcome to “What Point?” Wednesday!

Welcome to one of OKPAN’s new blog series! Throughout 2017, we will be posting blogs biweekly. In the “What Point?” Wednesday series, we will post a photo of a projectile point – all you have to do is guess what type of point it is! This week, we’re taking a look at this point from our collections:


So, what type of point is this?

This is an Alberta point, measuring in at 10 cm long and found in Wyoming. Alberta points are part of the Cody cultural complex (Frison and Todd 1987), which includes other point types such as Eden and Scottsbluff. Alberta points are associated with transitional Late Paleoindian/Early Archaic hunters, meaning that this point dates to roughly 9,000 years B.P. Although this particular point was found in Wyoming, other Alberta points have been found throughout the northern U.S. and into Canada, meaning that it is quite widespread.

Tune in again in two weeks for the next blog. We have several different topics planned to engage, inform, and have a little fun! Thanks for joining us this week!



Frison, George C., and Todd, Lawrence C. The Horner Site : The Type Site of the Cody Cultural Complex. Studies in Archaeology. Orlando [Fla.]: Academic Press, 1987.

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